Tallest Family Home In The World For Sale

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    Articles Articles Apr 17, 2017 11:41 AM EDT


    People are always looking for unique homes. Recent news have reported that a new house is up for sale that is built along the side of a mountain. It has quite the 360 degree view and shows the view of the Arizone mountains on one side, and the city on the other.

    Apartment Therapy has recently updated their house listing articles and uploaded the Falcon Nest. The falcon nest is a tower like house and it is really tall. In fact, it is the tallest single family house in the world. Single family means a small family of about 3-4 people.

    The house is quite unique as it features 4 full baths yet only 3 beds. It is huge, it has a total of 6,200 square feet. Each squre feet sells for $242. This adds up the total cost of the house to be 1.5 million US dollars. The house has a beautiful tall structure which is made as a stand up tower.

    This tower shape allows the house to have an all round view. From the front of it, it stands right at the bottom of the Arizona Mountains. It was designed in 1994 and it has finally been up for sale recently. The structure is 10 story long but since it is a tower type house, each story mainly just features one room.

    It is quite the creative design, and features a whole lot of windows. The house seems to look like a rigid and solid structure as well. The house measures the height of 124 feet. Considering the 12 stories it also comes with a hydraulic elevator, according to Mail Online.

    The house is a very unique and rare house. In 2015 it was listed up with the price of 2.8 million US dollars. Now it has been reduced by nearly half and is only being sold for 1.5 Million US dollars. That is not a bad deal considering its location and features. It could make a great vacation home for some.

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