Persian Rug That Changes Color Depending On Viewing Angle

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    Interiors Interiors Apr 18, 2017 12:58 PM EDT


    Recent news have shed some light on a new style of carpet. An art studio in London called Raw Edges has recently partnered up with Golran. Golran is a Persian rug company that specializes in unique rug designs. However this time they have brought a lot of innovation to the once simple rug.

    The rug collection by Golran is called the Milan Design week and it features a whole array of these new style of rugs. The rugs reflect the work of an Israeli artist called Yaacov Agam. It can be seen in the print design of the rugs how artistic they look.

    This is because Yaacov uses patterns to create optical illusions in his art, according to Dezeen. The same science applies in the carpets as Raw Edges used his illusive artwork and applied it on to the carpet. This causes the carpet to "magically" change color depending on where the viewer is seeing it from.

    This is quite the unique and new feature in the carpet industry. Surely it has been done before in art but having something that attractive on the floor of one's house and it changing color depending on where they work is something completely different.

    This is done by first printing the patterns in to the carpet. Then the fun part is that they create knots in certain places to create depth which works with light to create the illusion of the carpet changing color. According to Pedro, this can have a lot of pyschological applications as well.

    For instance it can be a vivid color when the owner wants to leave the house and whenever they return after a hard day from work, the color angle from the door can be really calm, like a really warm and blue. This can be really beneficial for mental health if applied correctly.

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