Play Center Newly Opened In Sydney, A Collaboration Of Frost*collective And PAL Design Architects

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 21, 2017 02:48 PM EDT


    Frost*collective studio has collaborated with PAL Design Architects to create NUBO play center. The fun and exciting center will be situated in Sydney, Australia.

    Frost*collective have created the branded elements of NUBO, while PAL Design Associates have created a beautiful environment and innovative space for the children. Each room of the play center is designed with a unique look designed to stir up the children's imagination.

    The main room of the play center provides an area for parents to sit and watch their children play on the climbing structure and slides. Similarly, there is a quiet room situating a library of books that allows children to sit and read books on their own, or even with an adult.

    The play areas also incorporate the concept of simplicity, according to Contemporist. A simple color palette of wood, white, blue, and a touch of gray is used for the fun space, which also includes a slide that ends in a ball pit, making it much fun for kids to play.

    Joey Ho and Patrick Leung from PAL Design Architects have also designed playrooms for the play center dedicated to art activities. The creative attributes include a soft blue ombre wall that represents the sky, and added peg board wall and cabinets to craft items.

    Another playroom of the play center places a single long table on wheels for groups of children, alongside curved wood details on the walls. The design sparks the children's imagination and puts a creative thought process into believing that they could be buildings, mountains, or anything else their minds could think of.

    NUBO's passion is to create neutral and open-ended spaces of 'pure play' that allow children to immerse themselves in imaginative and creative play, according to Babyology. The Frost*collective studio and PAL Design Architects definitely have helped to make this come true for the play center.

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