Domino Park, New Details Of The Williamsburg Mega-Development Project

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 21, 2017 05:24 PM EDT


    New details about the 11-acre park construing the Williamsburg mega-development have been released by Two Trees Management. The "Domino Park" project will take place at the Domino Sugar Factory site in Northern Brooklyn.

    Domino Park is designed by the James Corner Field Operations. The quarter-mile open space will allocate a new waterfront esplanade, a plethora of preserved artifacts, six acres of parkland, and an easier waterfront access.

    The design includes Artifact Walk that will run at the base of the original sugar storage warehouse. Large decommissioned machineries and other relevant components such as lawns and gardens, sports fields, and a children's play area will be featured in this 450-foot elevated walkway of Domino Park.

    The overall redevelopment plan puts an emphasis on historic preservation, according to a press release entitled "Domino Park Reflects Two Trees." To make the motive concrete, 21 Raw Sugar Warehouse columns, 30 industrial artifacts, and about 600 feet of crane tracks will be incorporated in the building construction of Domino Park.

    About 36-foot-tall syrup will also be used as a part of naturalizing the historic preservation motive. This the syrup used in the refining process, mooring bollards, and bucket elevator, similar to the efforts of building High Line.

    "By opening Domino Park in its entirety next summer ahead of the site's new waterfront buildings - we are delivering on our commitment to bring waterfront access and much-needed public park space to North Brooklyn," the principal of Two Trees Jed Walentas, said in a statement, according to 6sqft. "Weaving in industrial remnants of the factory, Domino Park will serve as a living, breathing reminder of the history of this storied neighborhood."

    Domino Sugar Factory project has yielded 2,300 apartments, 500,000 square feet of commercial space, and a new school in the period of 10 years. While the sharing of the new renderings relating to Domino Park adds numbers, Two Trees have announced that the park will open in the summer of 2018.

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