Affordable Modular Housing Seen For Abandon New York Areas

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 24, 2017 09:31 AM EDT


    Abandoned living spaces are quite the threatning fact to cities and countries. It furthers the problem that even though there are vast places in major cities where no one lives due to poor infrastructure, there are still people living on the streets and people who cannot afford housing. New York is the biggest example.

    According to In Your Hands, new york has a vast abandoned airspace. This means that even in the crowded city, there are high rises which have no one living in them and that needs to be fixed. Luckily, a proposal was given out whcih could possible fix it.

    Dezeen has posted pictures of an affordable housing system which can be installed on to the airspace as an addition above it. These houses are formed using a modular design which was illustrated and it showed small box shaped structures being combined together to form various rooms for various people.

    The modular design is quite attractive looking as it sits on top of abandoned buildings and shows decent space for everyone. Considering it is a modular design it means that it has the ability to be highly customized. A desired number of modules can be placed and they can be changed, replaced, and put anywhere on the structure.

    This concept is not just meant to be attractive, it is meant to be cheap and customizable so people who cannot afford expensive housing in New York will then have the ability to have a home somewhere in it. This is done by the modular houses not being made by expensive materials.

    It is made from modern technology which allows for cheap builds. This is the way to go in the future as well and it is a great way to reduce the homeless population of the world. If this concept is approved it will surely give New York some good Merit points.

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