Ways To Clean Secondhand Purchases Clean Economically

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    Interiors Interiors Apr 25, 2017 12:04 PM EDT


    Secondhand purchases are quite the find most of the time. Granted most of the secondhand choices one comes across will never really be bought but one always finds treasure in a pile of dirt. Unfortunately that treasure still has some dirt to it and needs to be cleaned.

    Luckily, Apartment Therapy has introduced many ways to clean various types of secondhand goods for the homes so they can not only fit the home perfectly, but they are also clean enough to create a safe and healthy atmosphere.

    An even better aspect of this list is that according to Live News Today, these ways are completely eco-friendly and so the purchaser does not have to use chemicals which harms the environment. For starters there is always the piece of cushion based furniture like a chair or a sofa with a horrible smell on it.

    Apart from just cleaning and washing it to wash out the germs, one can use the Bac-Out Fabric Refresher because it gets rid of all the smells and byproducts of smoke, pets, and even musty smells. A vast amount of smell can also be reduced by charcoal being put under the furniture as charcoal absorbs the smell.

    A high heat dry vapor steamer is the best tool against insects and other critters who like to hide in small places. Bag-less shop vacuums are the best way to get rid of small dust and other particles which may create smells. Orange oil is a great way to give a natural shine on wood and gives it a great finish.

    Vinegar mixed with high quality wool is a great cleaning agent for unprotected surfaces of wood and steal as it gets between the cracks and eliminates most bacteria and cleans vigorously. It can be mixed with water and can really provide a great cleaning experience which is very environmentally friendly.

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