Deadpool May Refer To Cable As Thanos

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    Articles Articles Apr 24, 2017 09:01 AM EDT


    The new deadpool movie is going to be upon everyone really soon. "Deadpool"is known to be a movie that is famous for its witty humor and its fourth wall breaking. This allows the movie to be aware of what is going on outside of its context, like in other marvel movies or even in the real world.

    This is seen in the first movie where Deadpool constantly kept referring to his actor Ryan Reynolds and the criticized movie he did called the Green Lantern. Well now it may happen again but with another character. According to Screen Rant, Josh Brolin will be coming in to play Cable.

    Even in the comic books, Deadpool and Cable have had a really strong love hate relationship. They were always at each other's side but they would never fully agree on things. He is one of the main characters in "Deadpool".

    Cable will be played by Josh Brolin and according to the LA times, Josh Brolin also plays another important role in the Marvel Universe. Brolin also plays as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy. He plays as one of the most powerful villains in the entire Marvel Universe.

    It is very certain that during the movie of "Deadpool" that Deadpool may constantly make very obvious jokes about how Cable is Thanos. No one would even be surprised if he accidentally refers to him as Thanos. It just opens up a huge possibility for really unique and clever jokes which break the fourth wall.

    Breaking the fourth wall is exactly why most people love the character. It is a very rarely played genre in movies and it makes the characters feel more alive and in par with the real world. Now all one can do is wait for the release of "Deadpool 2" and see if Thanos is mentioned.

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