Seattle Family Battles Weather By Filling House With Warm Colors

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    Articles Articles Apr 25, 2017 03:49 PM EDT


    Stephen and Bobby are two individuals who have own a house in Seattle, Washington. They live with their son Cole as well as their beta fish which is named Riley. They have owned the house for around seven years and the house is quite big with 1200 square feet of their own and the other 800 square feet dedicated to AirBnB.

    Modera Midtown said that their aim for the winter of Seattle was to make the most out of the current summer that is going on. They completely changed the interior look of their home which is a mid-19th century brick house. This made the house look extremely cozy and attractive.

    According to Apartment Therapy the home is a 1956 brick home in the ranch category. They have had it for under a decade in order to create and grow a family. They have even implemented their own garden in the home. Stephen is a stay at home dad who is an interior designer. His partner Bobby is a university pharmacist.

    Cole is only five years old but he is full of spirit which is why they have the home in the first place is so because they can use the space of the home to spend some quality time with their entire family. A home allows them to do all the activities necessary.

    They used a lot of natural light in par with the colors to create really vivid imagery at day time and really warm feelings at night. The whole house has unique colors to it. In fact, every room has a different color and even some walls have unique colors to them.

    They have even installed an oasis into the back of their room. They have been working on this house for quite a while now and they will continue to work in it because even modelling a house can be a fun family activity.

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