First Bamboo International Structure Captured By Julien Lanoo

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 25, 2017 05:47 PM EDT


    Recent news have unveiled a bamboo structure that was created last year. In the humble village of Baoxi, China the structure was deemed as the first ever international architecture Biennale. The structure looks absolutely beautiful and it is made entirely out of Bamboo.

    The world is slowly moving a lot towards bamboo mainly because it is a strong wood with many features and it grows very fast. It is the fastest growing wood in the world which grows 5 feet on average every day. According to Arch Daily, the structure was lead by artist Ge Qiantao and architect George Kunihiro.

    A total of 18 houses were made using the help of 12 very skilled architects to create a beautiful house that is not only strong and able to stand on its own, but because the bamboo is so thin and long it allowed them to create beautiful spherical shapes around and on the house making them very unique.

    Follow News said that this was done to further the cause and search of using sustainable materials to create things for human beings. For thousands of years humans have been using material which is not very renewable to create their needs.

    This was fine before but as the population grows, more and more non renewable resources are being taken down and this could potentially damage both the planet and the human beings. This is an excellent cause that is being followed which creates a possibility that sustainable material will be used in the future.

    Julian Lanoo took a large number of pictures at Arch Daily and they are all outstanding. They show the exact beauty of the houses that was meant to be shown and perfectly captures the essence of sustainable material used to create beautiful things. It is only a matter of time before the world follows.

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