‘Lucifer’ Episode 14 Season 2 Updates: Episode 13 'A Good Day To Die' Recap; TV Show In Hiatus Until May

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    "Lucifer" Episode 14 season 2 just had its winter finale last week, hence, its hiatus commence until its May comeback. After Lucifer Morningstar's experiences on "A Good Day to Die" episode, the events will unfold his response towards his and Chloe's wreck relationship. Find out here some more details about Fox's plan for the shows return soon.

    According to TV Series Finale, "Lucifer" will not air this week or the others after it; its comeback is revealed to be on May 1 already after its winter finale episode. Its return will follow the continuation of the storyline with Chloe's goal in Lucifer's life which God revealed to him. At the moment, the two's relationship is the biggest cliffhanger.

    "Lucifer" Episode 13 season 2 "A Good Day to Die" showed Lucifer risking his life for Chloe; he just desperately went back to hell to get all the information he can gather to help the woman. Supposedly, Dr. Carlisle, who just went down on it, holds the secret of the antidote. 

    Lucifer's return in hell wasn't indeed as easy as his inquiry with Dr. Carlisle. Accordingly, he accidentally met up with his brother, Uriel, and he killed him once again which trapped him down there. Maze only sensed the event and led Charlotte to bring her son back.

    In Morningstar's return, he carried the antidote's formula which was immediately made for Chloe. Though the savior just suddenly went AWOL and no one knows where he is now.

    That's just the recap of what happened for the last "Lucifer" Episode 13 season 2 "A Good Day to Die." On the next events, it will surely shed light on what's Lucifer is up to. In other reports, he is said to be instigating revenge because of everything that the people around him did.

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