‘Switched at Birth’ Producer Talks About Series Finale

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    "Switched at Birth" has finally come to an end on Tuesday night after 5 seasons and 103 episodes. The Freeform's Peabody Award-winning drama said a final goodbye in its finale.

    The decision to end "Switched at Birth" has come from the network after more than a year off the air. Showrunner Lizzy Weiss says she feels good and proud of the run.

    Weiss and executive producer Linda Gase gave a final goodbye to the Vasquez and Kennish families, as they send off the characters in their own directions in the 90-minute series finale "Long Live Love." According to Entertainment, the team has also ruled out any possibilities of revisiting "Switched at Birth" in the future.

    "I feel proud. The word everyone uses is 'bittersweet,' and it's true," Weiss told TheWrap. With the current trend of reboots and revivals in television, if people want to revisit "Switched at Birth," the door won't be shut, she said.

    When asked what Weiss wanted to accomplish in the series finale of "Switched at Birth," she revealed that the series didn't want to send the key characters on a path. The fact that Emmett got a whole new career, Toby's going into education, and Bay's going to pursue tattooing - that's the exact life choices the team wanted to bring for the "characters that felt finale-ish." 

    One important detail she revealed is the specter of Daphne not becoming a doctor a couple of times. To develop the character came out a little difficult, as she was constantly wavered and worried, which felt like a bummer. It was important to figuring out a new way of letting fans know what Daphne is doing about the disappointment, and it's happening in the finale.

    Weiss also opened up that the casting team of "Switched at Birth" has become friends in real life. "I didn't know where the stories would take us over five years, or that I would meet so many people. Or that they'd become close friends. It just becomes woven into your life," she said.

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