Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy: Who's To Blame For the celebrity fight's cancellation?

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    Trending News Trending News Feb 22, 2017 10:13 AM EST


    The Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy celebrity match-up has recently been canceled, and there's a lot of speculation going around about who's responsible. The highly anticipated bout between two musical artists might only be found in the imagination of fans.

    A sanctioned boxing match featuring Chris Brown vs Soulja boy was teased by boxing promoter and retired champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. It was reported that Soulja Boy even trained under Floyd himself, before switching to Evander Holyfield to work on his skills.

    On the other hand, Chris Brown was under the tutelage of boxing legend Mike Tyson. This explains why Soulja Boy figured training with Holyfield was a good idea, since Holyfield is very much familiar with how to counter Tyson's teachings.

    However, Soulja Boy just explained via Twitter, that Chris Brown will not sign the contract, indicating that the Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy match is off. Soulja Boy added that he doesn't want to be asked about this particular fight anymore.

    According to TheSource, there are rumors that Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be the one responsible for the bout's cancellation. Since the celebrity fight was supposedly under Mayweather Jr's promotion, there might have been a money dispute between the two musicians.

    Which isn't so far-fetched considering the fact that Floyd himself might be looking to seal a fight between UFC champion Conor McGregor. The undefeated boxing champ might have prioritized his own fight against McGregor, which could've resulted in the cancellation of the Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy match-up.

    Another explanation could be that Chris Brown might be the sole person to blame for the bout's cancellation. According to Billboard, the R&B artist took to social media to explain that he wanted out of the fight.

    Brown mentioned that the fight didn't materialize because, "the wrong people got in the way." With that said, Brown added that the whole fight was "immature" and that he's not willing to let this event get in his way.

    As for whether or not Mayweather promotions is pulling strings from both sides, nobody knows for sure. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy will only live on in fantasy, for the time being at least. 

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