The Realtor And His Must-have Items For Everyday Needs In Selling Houses

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    Articles Articles Mar 15, 2017 01:49 PM EDT


    Realtor is a registered member of the professional organization- National Association of Realtor [NAR]. Generally, property manager, assessors, residential and commercial brokers, salesmen, counselors and other real estate professionals are included in this.

    It's presumed that realtors are experts in their field and also follow the code of ethics. According to the balance, it states that a realtor must avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, concealment of facts related to property. Realtors should be honest with a customer and should advertise, market or present the real picture of the condition. It also narrates that a realtor should also make a commitment to protect and promote client's interest while sustaining the relationship with them.

    Basically, it is believed that realtor and real estate agents are same. They are both licensed to sell real estate maintaining the code of ethics. The only difference between them is, a realtor is an NAR member while non-NAR member real estate agent works for the realtor.

    The main motto of a realtor is to sell properties as much as possible at the highest possible rate. They negotiate a commission that works for the customer and let him decide the final price. For their very systematic work, they are always accessible.

    According to Everyday carry, experienced realtors never leave houses without their backpack containing- wallets, pens, mobile, charger, headphone, notebook and other electronic gadgets. But they never know what kind of trouble might occur, so they always keep in handy their emergency tool kit.

    Carrying around the emergency box is one of the important habits of a realtor. They usually keep these items in mobile-office, known as a car. It contains- cleaning products, room fresheners, light bulbs, battery, and a tool box containing all kinds of screwdriver, screw, nails, hammer and tape. There are also bathroom amenities like toilet paper, protective gear, shoe cover and outdoor supplies like "for-sale" sign and zip ties.

    So it can be concluded that a good realtor is always ready to face any kind of trouble while selling the properties to their client. There is not only one good realtor or not just one brokerage. Many realtors go to work every day, providing the best service they can.

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