El Museo Del Barrio Gets 47 Historic Works From Estate Of Antonio Lopez & Juan Ramos

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    Articles Articles Mar 18, 2017 01:18 PM EDT


    El Museo del Barrio, usually known as El Museo, located in the New York City. Founded in 1969, the museum specialized in Latin American and Caribbean art. The art collection is also inspired by the Puerto Rico community.The museum achieved the biggest donation of its time that is the 47 artwork from the estate of Lopez and Ramos. This collection will be bestowed in the museum's permanent collection. It will be the museum's responsibility to conserve, exhibit or bring the art to new audiences.

    According to artnews, the donation from the illustrator's estate is the largest gift to a cultural institution, in its thirty-year history. The famous upcoming exhibition "Antonio Lopez: Future Funk Fashion" will exhibit the full collection and it will also include the work of Carlos Rodriguez and Matthew Olszak.

    According to Artforum, director of the estate Paul Caranicas mentioned that- depth of their practice and artistic ideology can be proved by this donation. Harlem's vibrant culture had a great impact on their educational lectures and fashion drawings. He also admitted that Antonio and Juan were the pioneer in the intricate history of art, fashion and designs. Caranicas was delighted to be a part of this great donation of the estate.

    Born in Puerto Rico, brought up in NY City from the age of seven, Lopez became famous for his deep illustration of female models, termed as "Antonio's Girls". His fashion was also commissioned by brands like- Missoni, Versace and Yves Saint Laurent. In 1987, Lopez died from AIDS-related problems.

    The El Barrio's survey on Lopez and Ramos lightened the fact that both of them were phenomenal fashion illustrators as well as trailblazers- they challenged the form of beauty, gender, and sexual uniformity through diversity and open collaborations. The exhibition also included Lopez's authentic sculpture of shoes and inner circle drawings.

    The estate of Lopez and Ramos and the exhibition celebrates their contribution towards art, fashion, and history. Until Lopez's death Ramos and he was partners and the couple's life documentary film "Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex fashion & Disco" directed by James Crump, will be released this spring.

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