Slovenian Architecture Firm Sadar + Vuga- In a New Documentary To Promote Their Architecture

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    Articles Articles Mar 20, 2017 11:48 AM EDT


    The firm Sadar + Vuga's architectural work is being documented for the first time by Damjan's new documentary- "Sadar + Vuga XX". His main focus was to show the design process of the company. A ground premiere will be held on 4th April in Ljubljana.

    According to archinect, Sadar + Vuga was founded by Jurij Sadar and Bostjan Vuga in 1996. The film leads us through four distinct periods to show us how the company had nourished the European architectural practice by being focused on open, innovative and integrated architectural design and urban planning.

    The company has created an architecture to influence their contemporaries and youth generation. For numerous projects, the company has been awarded many prizes, like- Bauwelt, Iconic, Archmarathon and Piranesi award. It also has been nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award for eight times.

    According to Archdaily, Sadar + Vuga's influential ideas entered into the architectural world in the 1990s, when the time was favorable to change architecture. Among many great projects- Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Central part of National Gallery, Arcadia Light wear exhibition building, and the Solkan fountain- placed the newborn office on the European architectural map.

    The company's clear communication with client and investors was favorable for inter-departmental collaboration and innovation. Most of the projects of the company are in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital.

    At 2006 Venice Architectural Biennale, Sadar + Vuga presented their unique fashion themes through the show- Formula New Ljubljana. Two buildings can greatly explain their plurality of expression- Condominium Trnovski pristan (Ljubljana, 2004) and Gradaška (Ljubljana, 2007). Both the buildings are few meters away but the specific context of them are totally different.

    The Maribor Cultural Center, Air Traffic Center and the Sports park- three largest project are totally different from the view of engineering complexity. As for reference, the Sports Park- combines three diverse parts- professional sports, commercial center and Public Park, a perfect example of urban center activities and can be used for any occasion.

    Uncompleted works like the Sports Park forced the company to seek smaller projects and re-use of abandoned sites. They also collaborated with foreign parties to achieve larger commissions. Examples of a master project- the school campus in Ghent, Faculty for the study of social works.

    The company also got awarded for design of Supreme Court and School of Magistrate in Tirana, which also includes the project- Cultural Center of European Space Technologies and Renovation of Slovenska.

    Bostjan and Jurij also teach and give lectures to architecture schools and act as guides to UG and PG students. Before Damjan's documentary, four monographs- Tendencies, Formula New Ljubljana, Sadar + Vuga: review and Adventures In and Out of Architecture, were published to show Sadar + Vuga architecture's influential work.

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