Marketing Trends 2017: Looking At Technology & Design As The Future Of Sales

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    Design Design Mar 20, 2017 02:44 PM EDT


    New Marketing trends 2017 might need to rely on technology and design in order for companies to avoid getting left behind. The ever-evolving and rapidly changing market needs some innovation in order to survive.

    Some believe that technology can significantly boost a company's marketing department. According to ADWeek, technology has advanced faster than companies can actually utilize its capabilities.

    There are companies that fail to realize the importance behind tech and design in marketing. Recent marketing trends 2017 are focusing on properly utilizing technology in order to improve a company's design.

    There are cases where small companies are getting ahead of bigger companies, because these smaller corporations make use of technology better. Whether its for products or service, design plays a big role in the success of a company, both big and small.

    Customer interaction and satisfaction basically revolves around a convenient and seamless design. Marketing trends 2017 and in years to come, will most likely implement their branding primarily into technology.

    In previous years, household brands don't find smaller companies as threats to their business. Now with the rise of technology and new marketing trends 2017, smaller companies are finding ways to get the upper hand.

    This forces companies from both sides of the spectrum, to seek out help from designers or Chief Technology Officers. However, technology has come a long way in making itself seem more easily understandable now than it was before, which helps new marketing trends emerge.

    According to Financial Review, both marketing and technology should go hand-in-hand for a company to be able to compete in today's market that's extremely volatile. Recent marketing trends 2017 make the most out of what technology can offer, both in products and services.

    Fortunately, relying on technology to help in a company's design is becoming more easy and practical, given today's recent technological advancements. Now all starter-ups need to focus on is investing in their design and technology department, that way, establishing a brand won't be such an arduous task as it was before.

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