Enchanted Bikinis just released a Swimwear Line Inspired by Disney Princesses

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    Design Design Mar 22, 2017 05:04 PM EDT


    Disney princesses have been one of the most popular inspirations for design and right now, they have inspired a line of swimwear by Enchanted Bikinis. The set of bikinis still have the princesses' signature adorable styles.

    Get ready, ladies! Now you can dress up as one of your favorite Disney princesses while frolicking in the beach with the new swimwear line released by Enchanted Bikinis. Refinery29, a site that features unique and quirky products, published an article about these awesome swimsuits. They introduced a term called "Disneybounding" where fans wear subtle outfits or clothing that hint their love for the Disney fandom.

    Having this swimwear line, that look like the iconic dresses of the Disney princesses is a form of Disneybounding. Enchanted Bikinis made sure that the bikini sets are wearable and comfortable yet they still show where the inspiration came from. However, they are not officially bound to Disney. This means there is no association with the beloved company responsible for all of your favorite childhood cartoons.

    Enchanted Bikinis said in their site that their goal is to let every woman feel like one of the Disney princesses who enchant everyone. They said that their swimwear line is minimalistic so that their customers would not feel like they are wearing a costume. This is true since their tops and bottoms can also be a standalone and can be a good match with others.

    Coincidentally, the release of the swimwear line by Enchanted Bikinis came just in time with the premiere of the live action movie by Disney, Beauty and the Beast. It's a good coincidence for the swimwear company as they would definitely have people falling in line for that Belle-inspired bikini. The swimsuits are all affordable, too.

    The Disney princesses who were the inspiration of the products are mostly the original ones from the first Disney movies. There is Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora and especially Belle. According to Enchanted Bikinis, they will still expand their line and they encourage suggestions from their customers in their site. So if you have any ideas you want them to use, go ahead and pitch in.

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