This Case Called ‘the Eye’ Combines an iPhone With An Android Phone [VIDEO]

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    Technology Technology Mar 14, 2017 12:23 PM EDT


    Technology is slowly evolving and this invention named "the Eye" is a case that changes your iPhone into an Android phone and combines them. Is this the future for cellular phones?

    There are so many techniques to manipulate cellular phone applications and that includes hacking iPhone and adding qualities of the Android phone. The Verge made an article that explained how a certain case not only covers a phone but also influences and manipulates its operating system. Everyone knows how difficult it is to hack Apple products yet this case's system is more than able to do it.

    The case, aptly named "the Eye," right now is still in its early stages yet combining two operating systems (the Android phone and the iPhone) signifies a good start. You can find "the Eye" as a proposal in Kickstarter where the creators show the photos and videos of their sample. The outcome is a combination of the two popular cellular phones.

    "The Eye" has all the photo, video, and audio qualities of the iPhone yet its system is that of the Android phone. The case in itself can stand alone as a device. However, once attached to the iPhone, you end up having two phones back-to-back. The supposed back part of your iPhone becomes the screen of the Android phone. In addition to that, there are two SIM slots for the iPhone and for the case.

    You would literally have an iPhone AND an Android phone in one all thanks to "the Eye." However, the case will only have the basic features of the Android system. Regardless, just imagine being able to do two things at the same time and even enjoy the two services. So far, their price is 95 USD for the people who are interested in purchasing it ahead of the others and for those who want to have 4G connections, the price is 129 USD. The project started last year and they still need more backers to produce this product and once they do, they would officially launch the product later this year. Keep your EYE out for it.

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