This Hidden Time Watch by Anicorn Watches is the Latest in Product Design [VIDEO]

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    Design Design Apr 04, 2017 06:08 PM EDT


    A brilliant timepiece can complement anyone's overall look and the Hidden Time Watch is something you would want to have around your wrist. Anicorn Watches just released their product design for this gadget and not only does it look good, but it also has a unique feature.

    The photos in Abduzeedo show that the Hidden Time Watch comes in different colors. This means a lot of watches you can choose from that would reflect your personality and be a good pair to your outfits. The design is not chunky nor is it complicated unlike others having a complicated product design. It actually looks the opposite. Anicorn Watches gave out a simple design but all of it boils down to the watch's unique way of telling time.

    If you are familiar with the term gradient, then you know you are in for a good treat! The Hidden Time Watch got its name from that feature. The product design plays with light, color, and surface. It literally starts with a blank reflective surface and starts revealing the time in each passing hour. This means that the longer the day runs, the more time the watches reveal. Anicorn Watches made sure that their watch looked plain so as not to take away the attention from the gadget's main feature.

    Anicorn Watches posted their product proposal at Kickstarter for everyone to support. This is the first ever known vanishing timepiece that reveals time every hour in a sort of gradient view. The product design for the Hidden Time Watch may perhaps be like the rising and setting of the sun.

    Prior to this design, Anicorn Watches already released a design named the Concentric Disc Series 000, and the Series K452, both of which got funds within 24-72 hours. With those successful product launches you can trust that these new proposal will also be a success so go ahead and fund them now.

  • Get the Most Popular Design Times Updates Weekly
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