New Eco-Hotel Plans Revealed To Be Made In England

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 26, 2017 02:07 AM EDT


    Recent news have come in regarding the Eden Project in England. As it is known, the Eden project follows the entire theme of sustainability and making life better in general. Well now Tate Harmer has shown a design of a hotel to accommodate people and the hotel will follow the same theme.

    According to Arch Daily, this project will cost 8.5 Million GBP and will be made within the ecological park in order to assist the people that come to visit the park and the Eden project. The project has actually already received planning approval and therefore it is basically approved to be considered.

    The hotel will consist of 109 usable rooms. The project will be expensive but it will make use of local sourced material. Even so it will be able to meet high environmental needs and maintain high sustainability which is what the world is rapidly moving to these days. All in all the hotel will most definitely be highly environmentally friendly and that is why it is being called the Eco-Hotel.

    There will be two buildings only according to Dezeen. These two buildings will be plain and rectangular and that is done for them to blend around the surrounding. Hotels are meant to be flashy but not when they are in a park which is meant to sustain. Therefore the design is minimalistic.

    The two buildings will be connected through underground tunnels dug out. and the buildings would expand a bit as well when they are underground giving the hotel more space to do tasks. Lower rooms will be made by stone while upper rooms will be made by wood to give the support needed. This also creates a nice aesthetic effect.

    This hotel will serve customers as best as any hotel could. Just because it is eco friendly it does not mean that it will hinder in its ability to be a good hotel. This eco-friendly movement is just to reflect the philosophy of the Eden Project as it is.

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