OLED iPhone Production May Be Halted For A Few Months Due To Supply Issues

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    Articles Articles Apr 26, 2017 09:25 AM EDT


    Recent news have revealed that even Apple is facing shortages now in supply. It seems that a lot of manufacturers are having trouble with this phenomenon this year. Many news casters have taken the word of the Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) and believed it as if it were their own.

    GSM Arena wrote an article on this where they said that the most trusted informer of the KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo, said it himself and highly believes that the anniversary of the new OLED iPhone that was meant to be released may be pushed back by quite a number of months. This is quite the sad news for the Apple fans out there waiting for phone.

    Some even call the phone the iPhone 8 because it would not technically be an update for the iPhone 7. Other people call it the OLED iPhone because it is not the iPhone 8 as well. Either way, it will be highly backed up and that is mainly because of the OLED screens actually.

    The OLED screens, and the specific manufacturers that supply it, is the main culprit for the backup. KGi says, according to Gadgets 360, that there may even be a "severe" backing of the OLED displays. Other parts can be jumbled around and the date can still be matched.

    But the screen is so backed up that a large amount of finished OLED iPhones is simply impossible at the current anniversary. The phone was meant to be debuted around August or September this year but now it could go all the way back up to October or November. Some say even early 2018 could be a possibility.

    All in all due to not only the screen backed up, but other small components along with the fact that people want the OLED iphone now over the iPhone 7, it could really put a dent in Apple's number. Before they predicted they will ship 110 million units but now it could just be 80-90 million units.

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