'Winds Of Winter' Update: Author Of 'Game Of Thrones' Teases New Series Once Again; Opens Film Studio

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    Trending News Trending News Mar 31, 2017 05:12 PM EDT


    The "Winds Of Winter" update shows slow progress, but there's no shortage of teasers from "Game Of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin. Fans of the hit HBO series are anxiously waiting for news regarding the release of Martin's upcoming book.

    There might not be much book progress being shown, but Martin is very much busy with other things, including coming up with "Winds Of Winter" update teasers. According to DailyTelegraph, the "Game Of Thrones" author mentioned that he's been in talks with HBO about "lots of stuff" that he is not willing to reveal yet.

    While that might sound promising, it still doesn't give fans the adequate "Winds Of Winter" update they have been waiting for in quite a long time. Furthermore, Martin made it clear that he is yet to finish his upcoming book.

    The only "Winds Of Winter" update that Martin can offer fans, is the fact that he teased about how he "made progress" on the book, albeit "not as much" as he intended to. "I think it will be out this year", Martin added. While this might sound like good news, it's worth noting that Martin has been extremely vague about what "progress" he has accomplished in his book.

    Regardless, the fans will have to wait and see since there doesn't seem to be any sense of urgency from the "Song of Ice and Fire" writer. As a matter of fact, Martin has been pretty much busy with other things that don't involve mentioning a new "Winds Of Winter" update.

    In fact, the "Game Of Thrones" author even started a non-profit film studio called StageCoach Foundation, according to RollingStone. This new production studio hopes to cater to emerging talents, upcoming film makers and even renowned Hollywood stars as well.

    This resulted in some internet backlash, where fans were upset that Martin might be forgetting about his "Winds Of Winter" update. "So much to do. And days go by so quickly", explained Martin. The "Game Of Thrones" writer also added that he gets tired "more quickly" nowadays, so fans can only hope that he gets enough creative juice, otherwise there won't be further "Winds Of Winter" updates anymore.

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