'Westworld Season 2 Update Reveals Series' Ambitious Plans, Might Encounter Some Roadblocks Before Release

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    A new "Westworld" Season 2 update reveals some tantalizing information on what's to come, but not without encountering some problematic roadblocks in the process. HBO's hit series is one of the most mind-bending programs that ever graced television sets in years.

    It's no surprise that producers Lisa and Jonathan Nolan are planning for something even more ambitious in the next season. In an interview with THR, the producers revealed a "Westworld" Season 2 update which involves visiting various sets.

    In Season 1, viewers got accustomed to seeing just one set, which is the western cowboy setting. That won't be the case in "Westworld" Season 2, since Nolan explained that he just wants to "blow" sets up and move on to the next story setting.

    Speaking of an ambitious "Westworld" Season 2 update, Nolan explained that he wanted to further "increase in that ambition" as well as the scope of the series. Another thing that fans should expect in the next season, is even more chaos.

    "Westworld" Season 1 concluded with a graphic display of violence, as the park visitors' lives are now at risk due to the host's rebellious nature. The producers explained that, now that the safety is off, the park just became an even more dangerous environment.

    Although the "Westworld" Season 2 update does sound promising, it won't materialize without going through some problematic barriers. According to VanityFair, one of these roadblocks lie in the series writers, who were able to come up with excellent material in the first season.

    However, the source mentioned that Nolan might be facing an imminent writers strike. If this goes through, the "Westworld" Season 2 update might be inevitably stalled in the process. Nolan explained that they are at a "sea change moment", and that he is currently in negotiations, which he hopes will result in a "solution that works for everyone."

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